Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A little ride

This photo is from a week or so ago..... when we were not have 100 degree weather with a heat index up to 125!!!! UGH.... It's been "steamy." Anyone that has visited Virginia Beach knows how hot and humid it can get. It has been completely GROSS. We should have a little break tomorrow and for a few days after... the highs will only be in the mid-upper 80's to lower 90's! I'm sure that Lillian has missed her daily walks and bike rides. We have been "pool hopping" a little though.

Here is a photo of Lillian with her "dada." She is waving to our neighbors........... dog. hehehe

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Too early for chores?

Lillian is a wonderful helper these days! She is into it all and wanting to give me a hand. Today, she helped with the vacuuming and helped with cleaning our glass end tables. She does a wonderful job! I love having a "eager" little helper! The novelty wears off quickly. I wish her older sister was still this excited about helping out! lol.... Speaking of which, she just had her 17th birthday! Wow.... In less than 1 year she will be 18 and begining her own "adult" journey! How exciting and terrifying at the same time. In September, she will be a Senior in high school... seems like yesterday she was taking her first ride on the big yellow school bus!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Email test now.... ;)

Lillians Anywhere Chair

This is Lillian's 18 month gift! Her very own embroidered chair!
So, its been awhile since I have checked out the control panel in blogger.... Whew knew that you can now text to blogger!?.... This is my test text! :)

18 months.............

Over the weekend Lily attended her (very first) "BFF's" birthday party! Her "bff" turned one and her name is Lilly Grace! Yes... for real. Lilly's mommy and I met at our local YMCA where we took the same spin class for years! We fell out of touch when I was pregnant because I had complications early in my pregnancy that prevented me from being allowed to exercise. So, we found each other on facebook after she had heard that I had my very own "Lily Grace." :)

Lilly's birthday party was very nice and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! The girls are so fun to watch. They are starting to interact a little more each time they see each other. Oh.. the plans we have for them! :D :D

So, today Lily is 18 months old! WOW!!!! Where did this time go? We look at her and no longer see a "baby" she is a full fledged TODDLER! We thank God everyday for her.

She is learning new things everyday. Last night I am ashamed to admit that I had forgotten to give her a drink with dinner... I had been distracted by a phone call that had to be dealt with. So we were finally sitting down to eat and Lily starts to throw her food on the floor, and begins pointing and grunting... eh..eh...eh... towards the salad dressing. She has a new found love for ranch and ketchup. (not together! lol) So, I gave her a tiny spoonful and promptly put it away. She continued to point and eh..eh..eh... I looked to that direction and there sat the salt. She DOES NOT get salt! So, I firmly told her that she needed to eat her dinner. eh..eh..eh... then finally.... JUICE!

Awwwwwwwwwwww...... I felt terrible! I then realized that I had forgotten to give her a drink! On the flip side of this... she learned to vocalize what she wanted! :D I still felt awful!

Here are some party pictures. :)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not a "monster"

I know "monster" is a pretty harsh word but I was starting to fear that our sweet Lillian was turning into a "spoiled monster." Like I stated in previous posts.. she has had a rough time lately with having a virus, a ear infection, and the "poooooo" side effect from the antibiotic. Well..... to add to ALL of that.... this morning I noticed that she has cut one of her one year molars! NO wonder she has been really off! :( The one year molar on the other side looks like it will be making it's "GRAND" entrance soon as well.

This is what I caught Lily doing last night..... these are tea bags all over the floor. I did have them in a organized fashion in the little pull out draw. hehehe.... not anymore. ;)

Saturday, June 12, 2010

Rough Week....

Whew.... Poor Lil...First a virus that turns into an ear infection... and a nasty side effect from amoxicillin. :/ This is the first time that Lily has needed an antibiotic. I think that is amazing..... she is going to be 18 months old in ten days and has never needed a antibiotic! So, we started her on some probiotics yesterday and so far it has helped .... some. She was more like her normal self except now I think she is teething! Poor pea.... SO, here is a video clip that I took of her this week. She is busy pulling all of her cloth diapers out and putting them away. In this video if you listen close enough you will hear her say "Momma, hi, light, blanket, bear, and some gibber. :)

Saturday, June 5, 2010

A Saturday trip back to the Doctor........

Soooooo.... when Lily got up from nap she was so cranky. She would be walking and then throw herself on the floor and cry. I called the Doctors office. I am grateful that they have Saturday hours. I took her and and she has her very first ear infection! Poor thing!!! I am so glad that we went. She is napping now.

My 200th post!

Lily is still under the weather. :( I have never seen her this ill before. It's heart breaking! Her fever has been better but I am still giving her Motrin. Her little throat was so red and raw that she refuses to eat and if she does, she is coughing and gagging. :( She is coughing more today than the last few days, so maybe the cold is progressing and will be resolving soon.

This morning when I went in to get her, she was pant less! hmmmmm.... oh how I pray she doesn't take the diaper off next! YIKES! So, on our way to the kitchen for breakfast this morning, I allowed her to carry my cell phone. I told her "Don't drop that." She quickly repeated "Don't drop that!" Truly.... she amazes us daily! She will be 18 months on the 22nd and she is speaking so well!!!!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

'Something Viral"

I figured most likely it would be "viral" but, I don't like to take chances. It was confirmed that her throat is REALLY red... so most likely her putting her hands/spoon all the way in her mouth until she gags.. is her way of telling us she has a sore throat. Poor thing! :( They did a rapid strep test which came back negative. Her Dr. said that the fever should be gone by Sunday and if it's not then to call the office back on Monday and have her seen again. So.... we will keep trying to push the fluids, soft foods and Popsicles until she is feeling better.

While in the doctors office she decided that she would sit in a chair and watch the movie they had playing. She sat like this for a good 10 minutes! It had to be a record. She is NEVER that still... again confirming that she doesn't feel well. Here is the photo that I had to take... in her pj's and all!

Popsicle Lunch.......

Poor Lil... she has has not been feeling very good for the last couple of days. :/ Hence the thermometer post yesterday. She was running about 102 before Motrin yesterday. We have a digital rectal and a ear thermomenter. The ear thermometer, I purchased before she was born and we have not had much success with it. Never the same reading twice and always much lower than it should be. :/ I did buy the EXERGEN TemporalScanner yesterday... thank you for the reviews! So far it has been pretty accurate. Yea! I hate to do a rectal check "every time." I'm sure Lily much perfers the temporal scan too!

Not sure what is going on with her.... the last coupld of days we have noticed that she is putting her hands in her mouth so far that she gags.... wondering if she has a sore throat??? ...

oooo... there was the call... they want to see her now.