Monday, October 26, 2009

Early Intervention Eval X 3

Early Intervention came out again today to reevaluate Lily. When I spoke to our case worker over a month ago; we decided that it would be good to bring out a therapist. I had voiced concerns about Lily transitioning after new situations and or environments. I notice it more when she is going through a developmental advancement. The therapist said that she does not think that she needs one-one and gave me some techniques to help her in this. Like creating picture books and reading with her before we do a "new" activity. She said that she is sensitive to her environment and that she is lucky that I am with her to help her in adjusting. She also said that she is very social and was showing age appropriateness (is that a word?) when strangers are around her. She started out sitting next to me on the floor, she even had her hand on my leg. (Awwww....) Then she saw that the case worker had paper and pens and she wanted them. So next thing she knew she was in her arms and was looking at her like.... ummmmmm I don't know you. She began to cry. So, I took her back and with in minutes she went right back to her to get the paper and pen.

So, We had a good visit. She is right on target.

Next Monday we have a check up with her Neurosurgeon. I can't believe that it has been 3 months already. This will be the first time that we have not had a "study" when going to see him. I think that we will probably discuss when to do her next surgery. She has a catheter that he placed during her last surgery just in case he needed to pull extra fluid off.. anyway it needs to come out. He said that he'd take it out after her first Birthday. I should also be getting all of her scans for our records. (He said that we should have copies of everything in case we travel and something happens) Once I have them I will post her MRI after birth and the most recent.

Well, We don't participate in "Halloween" due to religious reasons but, I could not resist in not buying a adorable costume for Lily.

Here is one of the photos from our photoshoot. I am grateful that her sister was home and able to help me. Lily wanted to eat the grass, pumpkins, and pine straw!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

I'm the momma of a great big 10 month old!

WOW! Time is really flying by. I have already started to plan Lily's 1st Birthday! I am wanting to do a Cupcake theme. I had thought about doing a "Christmas Theme" b/c her Birthday is 3 days before but decided that I really want to keep them as separate a possible.

I took Lil to the Dr. this morning. (her sister as well) The last time she was seen her iron level was a little low so I had to get her blood drawn. She has also been tugging at her right ear... a lot. I KNOW that she is teething but was unsure if she was experiencing pain in that ear. The Dr. confirmed that her ears are clear and it must be her teeth. I asked if they pull on the ear the side the tooth is coming in? She said, usually. She weighed 18 lbs and 3 oz. She has gained about a pound in 3 weeks!

Early Intervention comes out on Monday to re-evaluate her. I am a little concerned about her transitioning and being able to calm herself. She still tends to "overstimulate." I just want to make sure that I am helping her and meeting her needs the best that I can.

Monday, October 19, 2009

An observation.....

For the last few days I have really noticed Lillian pausing, moving forward and then watching my reaction. What do I mean? It started off while nursing... she bit me and even though I have read a lot of literature on trying not to "react" I reacted... OK I yelped the first several times she did this. Now she "nips" me and I refuse to even acknowledge that anything happened. This reaction is to discourage her from continuing this behavior.
Then there is the multiple times everyday that she takes off for the kitchen trashcan. She will crawl quickly to the end of the living room, look back to make sure that I am watching (I totally adore this! I hope to be able to capture it on video soon.) and then make a beeline for the trashcan. She also has a passion for cords and anything plugged in. I have had to start using my "Lillian, that's not for you!" firm voice. (It kills me but, I know that it is for her own safety) Today, I felt like a big meanie because she started to cry.

I am so grateful and blessed to be able to be with her all day even though there are times when I'd like to put myself in a "timeout." LOL

On a different note, Ken and I have noticed that "something" has been reeking havoc on our winter garden. The other day I happened to look out our bedroom window and thought I saw one of cats on the fence, I looked again and it was some other type of creature! Ken thought it was probably a muskrat. I googled images of muskrats and that was NOT what I saw. So, I determined that it is a groundhog! I never knew that they were in our area! I have tried to grab a photo of this thing 3 times and have not been able to.... YET! Needless to say we no longer have much of a winter garden. :(

Friday, October 16, 2009

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Up She goes.....

Lily has definitely been going through a "growth/developmental" spurt. The last couple of days she has been sleeping more.. well until today. :D She has been "over stimulating" a little more and quicker. I swear it is like she see's the entire world differently or that the details are sharper. She notices things that have always been there. Anyway, she is soooo fun to watch! We totally adore her. The day before yesterday she was able to get into the sitting position from laying on her tummy or crawling. I walked into her room and found her sitting in her crib looking at me. What a surprise! She has been trying to pull up on things for a little over a week and today she mastered it. Ken and I watched her and we were able to catch it on video. We had put her down for a nap and she was so worked up that she wasn't able to settle to sleep. So, I was going to peek into her room and make sure she was ok and there she was standing looking over the rail straight at me! LOL I called her daddy and sissy to see. Needless to say, she did not take a nap. :)

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Martin Vineyard, Knotts Island NC

Yesterday we spent a few hours at Martin Vineyard as part of my Birthday Celebration. (Today, being my 37th Birthday! Whew...) We went
Pumpkin Picking...

Apple Picking....

Scuppernog/Muscadine Picking

What a beautiful place...

My Beautiful girls....