Monday, October 26, 2009

Early Intervention Eval X 3

Early Intervention came out again today to reevaluate Lily. When I spoke to our case worker over a month ago; we decided that it would be good to bring out a therapist. I had voiced concerns about Lily transitioning after new situations and or environments. I notice it more when she is going through a developmental advancement. The therapist said that she does not think that she needs one-one and gave me some techniques to help her in this. Like creating picture books and reading with her before we do a "new" activity. She said that she is sensitive to her environment and that she is lucky that I am with her to help her in adjusting. She also said that she is very social and was showing age appropriateness (is that a word?) when strangers are around her. She started out sitting next to me on the floor, she even had her hand on my leg. (Awwww....) Then she saw that the case worker had paper and pens and she wanted them. So next thing she knew she was in her arms and was looking at her like.... ummmmmm I don't know you. She began to cry. So, I took her back and with in minutes she went right back to her to get the paper and pen.

So, We had a good visit. She is right on target.

Next Monday we have a check up with her Neurosurgeon. I can't believe that it has been 3 months already. This will be the first time that we have not had a "study" when going to see him. I think that we will probably discuss when to do her next surgery. She has a catheter that he placed during her last surgery just in case he needed to pull extra fluid off.. anyway it needs to come out. He said that he'd take it out after her first Birthday. I should also be getting all of her scans for our records. (He said that we should have copies of everything in case we travel and something happens) Once I have them I will post her MRI after birth and the most recent.

Well, We don't participate in "Halloween" due to religious reasons but, I could not resist in not buying a adorable costume for Lily.

Here is one of the photos from our photoshoot. I am grateful that her sister was home and able to help me. Lily wanted to eat the grass, pumpkins, and pine straw!


Lisa said...

Is that a little lamb costume? I wanted Elisabeth to be a lamb...but couldn't find a costume I liked. That one is adorable!

Anonymous said...

Hope her Neuro appt goes wel.

Looking forward to seeing the difference in her birth MRI to her recent one.

Love the pic!

Zoe said...

Actually, she's a monkey. :D Did you see the Tom Arma one? I LOVE the little snowman costume. I can't wait to take Lily's christmas pictures! :D