Sunday, December 26, 2010

2nd Birthday, Merry Christmas and Some SERIOUS snow!

Lillian's 2nd Birthday was on the 22nd. We celebrated on the 19th. I decided on a "Olivia the Pig" themed party. I had a wonderful time creating the decorations, and of course sewing her dress. Her dress was the most detailed task I have sewn to date. it has a bubble bottom, zipper, fully lined, and in set sleeves! The zipper has a little bit of gathering, not enough that I felt like I needed to tear it out and start over. I am pleased with it overall and Lillian looked adorable in it! :D

Lillian enjoyed her Christmas.... I don't know how she ever survived without her kitchen! We may have to move it into the kitchen.... She continuously goes into the kitchen to fill her cups with water from the water cooler. LOL She also got a little microwave, blender, (that she has already had water and snow in) toaster and a hand mixer. Speaking of which.. her and dada are eating the snow out of the blender right now! I can see many Lillian/Dada tea parties in the future!! :D

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Tradition....

Well.... I have not mastered the art of Pizz
elle making. For those of you that don't know what a Pizzelle is.. it's an Italian co
okie. They are a tradition in my family... I LOVE, LOVE them! My grandmother (Hi grandma!) makes them perfectly... and well
... I do not. :(

I will continue to "try" tomorrow. Meanwhile they are gathering more flavor
in the refrigerator. Only two (2) that I attempted to make were remotely "pretty." And well... we had to sample them to make sure that they tasted alright. hehehe... Of course they were wonderful! :)

I knew that Lillian would like them. I must have passed on some
of my unique taste buds... In my previous post it was green olives. These Pizzelles ar
e made with anise oil. Lily already follows me through the house chanting "bite-bite" "bite-bite" when I have a box of Good and Plenty's. (yes... black licorice.... can't help it.. I LOVE it!) I wonder if they have ever done a study on children's taste buds and compare that data with what the mother ate while pregnant??? I was crazy for green olives and good and plenty's while pregnant. (not at the same time.. BLECH!)

Being a family tradition and the first time Lily has tried them... I captured it on a little video and took a few photos. :)

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Green olives!

I have been a terrible "blogger" lately! :( Here is a video of Lillian eating one of her favorite "foods!" :)