Thursday, December 9, 2010

Family Tradition....

Well.... I have not mastered the art of Pizz
elle making. For those of you that don't know what a Pizzelle is.. it's an Italian co
okie. They are a tradition in my family... I LOVE, LOVE them! My grandmother (Hi grandma!) makes them perfectly... and well
... I do not. :(

I will continue to "try" tomorrow. Meanwhile they are gathering more flavor
in the refrigerator. Only two (2) that I attempted to make were remotely "pretty." And well... we had to sample them to make sure that they tasted alright. hehehe... Of course they were wonderful! :)

I knew that Lillian would like them. I must have passed on some
of my unique taste buds... In my previous post it was green olives. These Pizzelles ar
e made with anise oil. Lily already follows me through the house chanting "bite-bite" "bite-bite" when I have a box of Good and Plenty's. (yes... black licorice.... can't help it.. I LOVE it!) I wonder if they have ever done a study on children's taste buds and compare that data with what the mother ate while pregnant??? I was crazy for green olives and good and plenty's while pregnant. (not at the same time.. BLECH!)

Being a family tradition and the first time Lily has tried them... I captured it on a little video and took a few photos. :)


Jennifer said...

Our family has a pizzelle tradition as well! I'm sure you'll get the hang of it soon. My first attempts at things regularly fail, but the second is much better. :c)

Zoe said...

Really! That is neat! I LOVE them... My grandma used to make them every year and they were a highlight to the Holidays. :) I finished them up today and I have to say they turned out MUCH better! :)

Sewing Princess said...

I love Pizzelle too... my grandma used to make them and mom did too. I must ask her to dig out the "toolbox" next time I visit.