Monday, October 19, 2009

An observation.....

For the last few days I have really noticed Lillian pausing, moving forward and then watching my reaction. What do I mean? It started off while nursing... she bit me and even though I have read a lot of literature on trying not to "react" I reacted... OK I yelped the first several times she did this. Now she "nips" me and I refuse to even acknowledge that anything happened. This reaction is to discourage her from continuing this behavior.
Then there is the multiple times everyday that she takes off for the kitchen trashcan. She will crawl quickly to the end of the living room, look back to make sure that I am watching (I totally adore this! I hope to be able to capture it on video soon.) and then make a beeline for the trashcan. She also has a passion for cords and anything plugged in. I have had to start using my "Lillian, that's not for you!" firm voice. (It kills me but, I know that it is for her own safety) Today, I felt like a big meanie because she started to cry.

I am so grateful and blessed to be able to be with her all day even though there are times when I'd like to put myself in a "timeout." LOL

On a different note, Ken and I have noticed that "something" has been reeking havoc on our winter garden. The other day I happened to look out our bedroom window and thought I saw one of cats on the fence, I looked again and it was some other type of creature! Ken thought it was probably a muskrat. I googled images of muskrats and that was NOT what I saw. So, I determined that it is a groundhog! I never knew that they were in our area! I have tried to grab a photo of this thing 3 times and have not been able to.... YET! Needless to say we no longer have much of a winter garden. :(

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Carla said...

oh cute! In the pic it looks like she's wantoing to go out in her pool:)
I regularly put myself in "timeout", especially when hubby is away & I've had the 2 kiddos with me 24/7 for a few days! It does a world of good:)