Sunday, June 13, 2010

Not a "monster"

I know "monster" is a pretty harsh word but I was starting to fear that our sweet Lillian was turning into a "spoiled monster." Like I stated in previous posts.. she has had a rough time lately with having a virus, a ear infection, and the "poooooo" side effect from the antibiotic. Well..... to add to ALL of that.... this morning I noticed that she has cut one of her one year molars! NO wonder she has been really off! :( The one year molar on the other side looks like it will be making it's "GRAND" entrance soon as well.

This is what I caught Lily doing last night..... these are tea bags all over the floor. I did have them in a organized fashion in the little pull out draw. hehehe.... not anymore. ;)

1 comment:

Biddie said...

Never a monster!
My `baby`is now 15 and diabetic. I have been accused of spoiling her, but she would totally disagree!