Tuesday, June 22, 2010

18 months.............

Over the weekend Lily attended her (very first) "BFF's" birthday party! Her "bff" turned one and her name is Lilly Grace! Yes... for real. Lilly's mommy and I met at our local YMCA where we took the same spin class for years! We fell out of touch when I was pregnant because I had complications early in my pregnancy that prevented me from being allowed to exercise. So, we found each other on facebook after she had heard that I had my very own "Lily Grace." :)

Lilly's birthday party was very nice and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves! The girls are so fun to watch. They are starting to interact a little more each time they see each other. Oh.. the plans we have for them! :D :D

So, today Lily is 18 months old! WOW!!!! Where did this time go? We look at her and no longer see a "baby" she is a full fledged TODDLER! We thank God everyday for her.

She is learning new things everyday. Last night I am ashamed to admit that I had forgotten to give her a drink with dinner... I had been distracted by a phone call that had to be dealt with. So we were finally sitting down to eat and Lily starts to throw her food on the floor, and begins pointing and grunting... eh..eh...eh... towards the salad dressing. She has a new found love for ranch and ketchup. (not together! lol) So, I gave her a tiny spoonful and promptly put it away. She continued to point and eh..eh..eh... I looked to that direction and there sat the salt. She DOES NOT get salt! So, I firmly told her that she needed to eat her dinner. eh..eh..eh... then finally.... JUICE!

Awwwwwwwwwwww...... I felt terrible! I then realized that I had forgotten to give her a drink! On the flip side of this... she learned to vocalize what she wanted! :D I still felt awful!

Here are some party pictures. :)

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Anonymous said...

Look how grown up she looks!

Two friends having 2 Lily Grace's, who would have thought!