Thursday, June 3, 2010

'Something Viral"

I figured most likely it would be "viral" but, I don't like to take chances. It was confirmed that her throat is REALLY red... so most likely her putting her hands/spoon all the way in her mouth until she gags.. is her way of telling us she has a sore throat. Poor thing! :( They did a rapid strep test which came back negative. Her Dr. said that the fever should be gone by Sunday and if it's not then to call the office back on Monday and have her seen again. So.... we will keep trying to push the fluids, soft foods and Popsicles until she is feeling better.

While in the doctors office she decided that she would sit in a chair and watch the movie they had playing. She sat like this for a good 10 minutes! It had to be a record. She is NEVER that still... again confirming that she doesn't feel well. Here is the photo that I had to take... in her pj's and all!

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Carla said...

Poor girl, hope she is on the mend & feeling better soon. Look at her sitting though!!!! Wow!