Saturday, June 5, 2010

My 200th post!

Lily is still under the weather. :( I have never seen her this ill before. It's heart breaking! Her fever has been better but I am still giving her Motrin. Her little throat was so red and raw that she refuses to eat and if she does, she is coughing and gagging. :( She is coughing more today than the last few days, so maybe the cold is progressing and will be resolving soon.

This morning when I went in to get her, she was pant less! hmmmmm.... oh how I pray she doesn't take the diaper off next! YIKES! So, on our way to the kitchen for breakfast this morning, I allowed her to carry my cell phone. I told her "Don't drop that." She quickly repeated "Don't drop that!" Truly.... she amazes us daily! She will be 18 months on the 22nd and she is speaking so well!!!!

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