Wednesday, June 2, 2010

best temporal thermometer?????

Advice??? anyone?


Anonymous said...

We have an Exergen and it's proven to be quite accurate. When Zoe had RSV in January, before we took her to the ER, we took her temp at home with it. They took her temp at the hospital with a rectal thermometer about 10 minutes after we took the one at home and it was a difference of .4 degrees. Not to mention that Zoe now knows what it's used for and will often pull it out of her diaper bag and try to give herself a temperature reading....then it's not so accurate. ;)

Kristen said...

We have Exergen too. I like it. It seems to be accurate. Around $30 found at Walmart it doesn't break the bank either.

I laughed at the above comment about Tiffany's Zoe trying to give herself a temperature reading. Cayman does that too.

Zoe said...

Tiffany... Thanks for the advice! I bet your Zoe is just adorable trying to take her own temperature reading! :) :)

Thanks Kristen.... I went ahead and bought one today before I read the responses here. I'm so glad that it got good reviews! Lily has had a temp for the past two days and the traditional rectal reading multiple times a day is not much "fun." :/ So far it has been pretty accurate.

Tara said...

You know I switched from our temporal thermometer when it was way off base for a temperature.

We use a Braun ear thermometer and it has NEVER steered us wrong. I searched and searched and even asked some of michelle's doctors and even a few pharmacists and the ear thermometer just seemed like a better choice.

I have to laugh because when we had a temporal the kids used to take their own temperatures too!