Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Self feeding, Bug collecting, stacking, and the toilet.

Great combo huh?
I am completely blown away in all the changes Lily has made this week! It's like her little personality is growing by leaps and bounds! Yesterday, she started blowing kisses, not ordinary kisses the kind that the "muah" noise is over exaggerated and completely adorable! She is fascinated with the trash can, hamper and toilet. I watched her throw her sippy cup in the toilet yesterday.... I was not able to get it from her fast enough. I have a feeling we will be cup shopping real soon. ;)

We are still cloth diapering her, (still LOVE it!) and I use pocket diapers.... sometimes I wash the inserts separately b/c I throw a tiny amount of bleach in. (I know you are not supposed to do this but.... we have well water and it is helpful on occasion) So... the diaper shells were in the dryer (expecting rain or they would have been on the line) and the inserts were clean and dry in the clothes basket. I watched Lily carry about 20 inserts into the living room and pile them on her pink lawn chair along with a few other items.....

Here are some photos of her yesterday... YES... all this was yesterday! :D


Hannon! said...

She is soooo cute! And, man what a big girl!

Looks like she had a great lunch!

Kristen said...

She is really starting to look like her big sister.