Monday, May 24, 2010

CT scan and Neurosurgeon visit.......

We were scheduled for a routine CT and visit with Lil's Neurosurgeon this afternoon. We had a very eventful morning. After her morning nap (yes... she is still a two nap a day kind of girl) she decided that she was going to throw her socks in the kitchen trash can. Then knock over the trash can..... I find wads of toilet paper in the hamper...and hair bows in the toilet!! She is SOOOOOO funny!

Her CT scan was scheduled during her afternoon nap time so I was prepared for her to be a little irritable. I also knew that she'd be more aware of her surroundings than a year ago and I decided to take a couple of her comfort items.... her Binky, and her bear. We try to keep these items in her crib. I would like to discourage her bringing them everywhere we go.... her older sister had a pillow that went with us everywhere until it was misplaced when she was 3. Oh... the heartbreak! After a couple of days things got much better and of course we found it and decided NOT to reintroduce them. :) Anyway.... my prediction was correct... she was not very happy about the CT scan at all... Broke my heart to see her get that worked up. The tech was super quick though so that was good. We went upstairs to see her Dr. The office staff was in awe about what a big girl she is now. As soon as we walked back her Dr asked "Is she normal?" I said... well.... we think so. :D We discussed her recent evaluation with early intervention and he was very pleased. He asked "how many words does she have?" That is such a hard question to answer because that list grows and changes daily. She is becoming a little parrot and is repeating almost anything we ask her too. He was pleased. We reviewed her scans and he commented on the fact that her ventricles are still very large and the area of the cyst is the same as it was a year ago... this is good.

He also said that if we travel the importance of taking copies of her scans (on disk) because she has the reservoir and it can appear to look like a shunt from the outside and if they order a CT her ventricles are so large that they may say that she has hydrocephalus and will want to check her "shunt." Of course we know that she doesn't have a shunt. He went on to say that she will probably have very large ventricles for the rest of her life and the importance of telling her and futures doctors this. So, we don't have to return until next May! He also said that he may just leave the reservoir in for the time being or indefinitely. At this point he doesn't to disrupt anything going on in there... if it isn't broken dont fix it type of thing. We are 100% ok with that. :)

Well... It is way past my bedtime.... Night all!

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Anonymous said...

Oh I didn't realise Lily didn't have a shunt. I wonder whether her reservoir is similar to Violet's, she had a Rickham's Resevoir put in when she had her 1st brain op for an ETV. Then the shunt later.

Sounds very similar to Violet as her ventricle on the left will stay enlarged for life :(

Glad to hear Lily is doing well though and all seems stable from her CT.