Sunday, May 23, 2010

Lily was 17 months old yesterday.......

A few pics of Lily "helping" mommy with the laundry.

I can hardly believe it! I was going to pop in and post last night however, she refused to go to bed.... It was almost 9pm before she was finally settled in her bed. She ended up crying it out. I HATE doing that but, nothing was making her happy and she does need to learn to self sooth to a degree.

She is practically running all over the house... she keeps us busy all day.. (I think that I may have lost a couple of pounds.. lol not that I mind!!) She loves anything that has to do with the outdoors. The other day we had a thunderstorm and she was absolutely thrilled!!! I think it was the first moment that she noticed that it was raining.. and it's different from when the sun is shining. She has also been looking at some of our framed photos and picking out her "momma, dadda, and sissy." A few nights ago we were getting her ready for bed and her and I were sitting in the rocking chair in her room... I was about to read the book that she picks every night.... and well she "shot a bunny" (also known as a little toot..hehe) and I could have sworn she said "excuse me." Well... she has done in multiple times now. Tonight she said "never"..... I can hardly believe all the things that she repeats! We love it! She is also doing very well using her utensils when eating.

She has been banging her head a little when she is tired, frustrated, or over stimulated. From what I have read this is completely normal toddler behavior. Well, in the last two days she has acquired two bruises on her forehead... one from being angry with me and slamming her head into the side of her crib and then tonight we bought her this little lawn chair... she was carrying it around our living room and tripped and it smacked her in the forehead.... (Poor baby)... So, wouldn't you know she goes tomorrow to see her Neurosurgeon and also for her routine CT scan. We are also supposed to discuss her next surgery... the removal of the reservoir. .....

So, I will return tomorrow and update about her appointment.

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