Friday, April 15, 2011

I have a lot to say...

Today, was Lillian's 2 year Early Intervention evaluation. (2 years being in the program) She will be 28 months old next week. I do not have a copy of her evaluation just yet, because the PT and speech therapists, and the case worker had to finish writing it all up so, I am grabbing it from my memory.

Lillian was assessed at 24 months for her Fine and Gross motor skills. (4 month delay... last year she was assessed at 12 months so she has maintained this amount of delay over the course of the year) We discussed a sensory processing issue and issues with motor planning. I can't say that I am surprised by either. We have known that she is an "intense" and active little girl and that she still tends to over stimulate. She is not 25% or more delayed so she will not qualify for services. They did suggest ways to help her become more aware of her body and her surroundings. They also recommended a book called "The out of sync child." I reserved a copy at our local library. They also recommended that we NOT get her involved in group sports (soccer or basketball) that more individual activities like dance and gymnastics will be better suited for her. She is very social with adults but tends to sit back and watch other children play. She watches what they do and how they respond. The therapists said that it may take her longer to learn a skill but once she has her mind set on it she will master it and be efficient at it. As I stated in my previous post, Lillian is going to be approved for the speech therapy program at the public schools in September. The speech pathologist has asked when she was due to follow up with EI and was waiting to hear back what they reported and has not recommended further assessments at this time. When speaking with her EI caseworker today, we did briefly discuss preschool and we agreed that at this time we do not think that it would be in her best interest to place her in a "mainstream"  class. It could lead to greater anxiety and frustration for her. However, I would really LOVE for her to be able enroll in the early preschool through the public schools. (same program as the speech therapy) Initially, she did not qualify however, her caseworker is going to discuss this with the speech pathologist. I am praying that Lillian will be able to have further testing and will eventually be able to attend. (Even though I have mixed emotions about her leaving I am fearful that I alone will not be able to accommodate and supply her with all that will be needed to prepare her for kindergarten.

I am also trying to get her scheduled with a pediatric ophthalmologist. We have been noticing that her right eye is turning in. I called her pediatricians office today for the referral and when the nurse returned my call she said that the doctor was booked through October! Really!? She said that she explained Lillian's situation and past medical history and they are supposed to look over the cancellation list and see where they are able to fit us in.

On top of that, our only Children's hospital, the same facility that her pediatrician and Neurosurgeon are affiliated with are in a all out battle with Anthem (just so happens to be our health insurance provider) and they may end their "relationship" effective June 1st making all care "out of network." Sigh............ Praying that will be resolved!

We decided to bump up her CT scan and annual visit with her Neurosurgeon just in case they are moved into the out of network provider. Her appointment is scheduled for Monday...I am eager to see how everything looks in there. Our zero balance at the children's hospital was short lived!

And... I BROKE my toe this past Monday night. Yeah... I tried to rip it off with Lillian's high chair. Quite literally... I ended up going to the urgent care only b/c it was about 70 degrees sticking out away from my other toes and when I pushed it back in... it just bounced back to where it was! I wanted to have an xray and make sure that I didn't break it further down into my foot. But, I'm happy to report it's just the toe... but at a diagonal across the first joint! UGH... Needless to say, it's been an eventful week around here!

Looking at the broccoli and lettuce in the garden.


Lisa said...

Can you believe how far out these specialty doctors are booked? I know that I always have to book Elisabeth's annual eye exam a year in advance ( Maybe they need to hire more doctors...)

Anonymous said...

I just read your blog and want to tell you that my 2 year old son who for the past 2 years has only been, at most, 3 months delayed, qualifies for ECI services due to his medical diagnosis -- congenital hydrocephalus. it might be worth your while to ask your service coordinator to double check to see if that is the case for your child and your state. I would think it would be, and that Early Childhood Intervention services are a federal program. But I may be wrong. It may be a state program. We live in Texas. Hope you qualify for those services. Early Intervention works. Good luck.