Monday, May 2, 2011

Omigosh... I have been a terrible "blogger"

I have been wanting to get by here and write a post for awhile... but Life has been busy! On my last post I mentioned that Lillian is showing some delays in a few areas and we have confirmed sensory issues. That mean more assessments. We are so grateful to have early intervention and now the school system following her at such an early age so that we are able to accommodate and  assist her in all of her needs. It can be frustrating to though. She has only ever qualified for assessments and her evaluations. Don't get me wrong, this is FANTASTIC! But, we are learning of issues that if they are not "intervened" now then they will be delays later. So what do we do? Wait? Not this momma! I am trying to absorb as much information on motor planning and how to help Lillian. I am glad that I videoed her having that "tantrum" because, tantrums that extreme are not "normal." She was approved for speech therapy for the following school year. I am really praying that with the additional sensory processing issues going on that she will be able to attend public preschool. I want to badly to integrate her with other children but she over-stimulates and then when she is given an instruction; most of the time she is unable to follow through especially if she is uncomfortable and put on the spot... she will repeat the sentence back to you instead of answering the question. We will also be getting a OT evaluation through early intervention... she "may" qualify for monthly or bi-monthly visits. Which will be fine, I'd like for them to assist with  creating a "sensory diet" for her. One of my dear friends gave us a trampoline which will aide in helping her through some of her motor planning issues.

We were able to get her into see the optometrist before October...  We see him Friday. I am eager to see what he says. I have had to have corrective lenses (glasses) now contacts since I was 3 years old! I am very far-sighted... sometimes children out grow this and sometimes not.. like me. :) So, we have noticed her eyes turning in towards her nose on occasion and with my history... it's time to check. :)

We had a Beautiful Easter... Lillian looked adorable in her sweet little "chick" dress.

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