Tuesday, February 8, 2011

"It's Gone" update

Over all Lillian did quite well being binkie-less today. She looked for it this afternoon but, quickly remembered that "It's Gone" "Gone" "Gone" (using her hand motions too) She was a little needy this afternoon and restless during her nap but was able to "make it" with out it. So, I pretty much decided then that she doesn't need to get it back. 

This evening was much of the same, she required some additional reading and snuggling time. And kept repeating "It's Gone" almost like she couldn't believe it. It made me sad for her. But, I know that this is a necessary step in her growth and maturity. Besides... she is the one that threw it away. Not just once but 3 times! She is changing and growing so rapidly it's hard on this momma. ;) I have one daughter that is on the very cusp of adulthood and another one of the cusp of Pre-K. Sigh.................................

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Lacy said...

I've never commented but I follow your blog. I am a fellow hydro mom.

I am quickly approaching binkie weaning with my 17 month old. He doesn't say a word yet and I think it's from the darn bink. Carly never took a binkie so I never had to worry about weaning. I'm nervous!!!