Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Trash.. Oh No!

A couple of weeks ago Lillian was down to 3 binkies. We have limited the binkie usage this last year to nap and bed time and it must remain in her crib. Now that she is 2, I have been making comments to her like, "Big girls don't use binkies, they are for babies." Then I ask her if she is a big girl or a baby? I may have mentioned that she doesn't really need a binkie anymore and one day they will go in the trash. About 2 weeks ago, after her nap she came running out of her room, binkie in hand and threw it away! We were down to two. I told her that when they are gone that's it. (not sure she understands this..lol) Last week, she threw a second binkie in the trash. Down to one!

This morning, she threw the final binkie in the trash! I retrieved it and washed it without her seeing me. I will attempt to put her down for a nap this afternoon without it. I will be amazed if she doesn't bat an eye about it. But then again, I thought weaning would be a task and well.... she did that herself. 

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