Monday, January 17, 2011


I know it's been forever since my last post. Some of the formatting on the blog has gone "screwy" and I have found it annoying to post updates to be quite honest. The pictures don't post where I want them to and etc. Now, I do have the knowledge on how to fix it all. I have just lacked the time.

I recently was "re" hired by the corporation that I resigned from to be with Lillian after her birth.. anyway, I was hired for a temporary work from home position. How AWESOME is that? Seriously, I have been in awe over this. It's another amazing testimony for our family. Eventually, I will be looking to return to work full-time once Lillian is in preschool. That could be as early as this coming summer! eeekk! I have some strong mixed emotions about this. I am confident that God will guide our direction. I have been seeking him about this for a long time... hence the testimony about the temporary work from home position.

I took Lillian for her 2 year well baby check up. She was 35 and 3/4 inches tall! (90th%) She has typically been in the 70th% so she has really SHOT up! She weighed in at 24lbs. (20th%) Technically under weight. But, her Dr. said that she wasn't overly concerned about it. But to keep her on Whole milk. Her head circumference came in at 49cm. (90th%... exactly where it has always been) Her Dr. was very please with her progress.

I do believe that Lillian is going through a bit of a growth spurt right now. She is eating like crazy (she may no longer be She did NOT nap well today. She is toooo busy to sleep. She repeats so many of the things that we say and I think that her favorite phrase right now is "What's that?" She wants to pick out her snacks from the top cabinet and I have caught her trying to climb the cabinets! I'm sure that it will not be long before she begins pulling chairs over to reach what she is after. :)

She starts an art class in a couple of weeks. Well, I hope to get the blog straight again soon...

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Kristen said...

I am so glad to read a new post of yours. Your Lillian is always such a joy to hear about.

I feel excited for you and this job opportunity. And I can completely relate to the jittery feeling regarding thoughts of preschool and such. Ahh! We're just about to turn the corner approaching that milestone ourselves. Oh my!