Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Still "wonky" a lot of words and some pee...hehehe

I am still missing the entire side navigation on the blog... I started to look around and attempt to fix it last night but got distracted with changing the background image. Then it was time to log into the online Bible study that I am doing... Soooooooooo... I have yet to get it sorted. I thought I knew what it was but now, I'm not so sure. I guess I can delete it and start over.. not the blog just the side navigation.

Onto other news.... Lillian did wonderfully on the potty yesterday... she went a total of 9 times and only one tiny little accident. I was taking her to go every 30 minutes though. She did wear a diaper at nap time and it was wet when she woke up. So, she gets the concept. Today, wasn't so great but that was entirely my fault. We were running all day and to be honest, I am not ready to brave the public restroom with a toddler. The thought of it totally grosses me out. I can just imagine the things that she may try to touch... that's when it would be good to have octopus arms. LOL

She has been a little "out of sorts" for the last week or so. Restless at nap time and some at bedtime. Not eating well, hitting herself in the head/face. Not allowing me to vacuum, and irritable... in the past when she has acted this way it's b/c she has an ear infection. I typically watch her and wait. (and take her temperature) She ran a low grade temp one day. So, it's either her 2 year molars or... a growth spurt!

Speaking of a growth spurt... She has really started to put small sentences together...

"Cun bear sit on my chair?"
"Un dadda at work?"
"Its a big doo doo" (nice one huh? lol)

She is growing so quickly. I feel so Blessed that I have been able to witness and watch her grow through these years. I have Faith that God will align everything the way that it is supposed to be. :D

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