Friday, November 19, 2010


What an amazing Blessing Lillian has been in our lives! She has enriched our family beyond words. We have grown by leaps in bounds in all areas but especially OUR Faith! Today, marks the two year anniversary of "learning that she would be born with hydrocephalus.." The day that our lives would change forever! For a recap, click here. We are SO grateful to be on the other side of diagnosis and to be where we are. Lillian is an amazing little girl and we are BLESSED! Never for a moment do we take that for granted. I take pleasure in watching her grow... that includes the tantrums that happen to come more often these days. I welcome it all! It simply means that she is progressing normally.

Here are some recent developments that I have observed lately:

  • Lily is OBSESSED with the Moon! 
  • She played with her toys this am like she never has before. Like she was able to see them in a new light. 
  • She has really noticed the TV and will ask to watch "Olivia the Pig." 
  • She can sing "Twinkle, Twinkle little star." 
  • She is working on singing "A-B-C" song
  • She can count to three (3) with meaning but can keep going to 10 sometimes. 
  • She is beginning to grasp the concept of colors... mostly everything is yellow... but. sometimes she will say the correct colors. 
  • She is cuter today than yesterday if that is even possible! ;) 
  • I can't believe that she will be TWO in 33 days! 

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Anonymous said...

A very important memory and one that will never leave you.

She is doing so well, you must be super proud of her!