Friday, November 21, 2008

November 19, 2008 Routine Ultrasound...

I have decided to create a blog solely for updating Lily's condition.

Wed. our family went to the OB for a very routine ultrasound. we learned devastating news while there. On Lily's ultrasound it was noted that she has quite a bit of fluid on her brain. In her 18-20 scan all brain matter and etc. was normal. Our Dr. was very compassionate with us and told us that this is not a good sign. He was unsure of the amount of tissue that is even there because of the amount of fluid. He was calling EVMS and was getting us an appointment for the next day for a more extensive ultrasound.

We left his office feeling scared, and overwhelmed. What should have been a joyus occasion quickly turned to devastating news.

The Dr. gave us two medical contions which really go together, Ventriculomegaly ( ) and Hydrocephalus ( )

Needless to say we have been through a gamet of emotions. We have no idea what to expect when she is born, if she will survive and what type of condition, surgeries, or the quality of her life.

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