Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Lily has had a cold, or allergies, or teething.... what I do know is she is "snotting" and coughing.... Poor pea. She has also been throwing tantrums all over the house... today it was because "dada" left. She is starting to object when either one of us come or go and she is not able to "tag along." This morning it lasted a longer than normal... maybe its b/c she is not her normal 100%? We have been trying to get to the library bi-weekly... today Lily and I's books were due. We returned her book... (not sure why we borrow books for her when she insists on her tried and trues) but, we do it anyway on the chance that she may want to switch it up a little. I have noticed that she really focuses on emotion in her books. Yesterday, we were looking at one of her little cardboard books, of Precious Moments and the page was about compassion and friendship and one little girl was hugging another little girl that was crying... she looked at the little girl and pointed to the tear and said "raining...raining" (pretty smart... both are wet!) I corrected her and said she's crying.... then all of a sudden she starts to pretend cry and says "crying...crying."

Can you possibly guess what library books I checked out? More on sewing. LOL I discovered that my different stitches are not working... BUMMER! I will have to make due with what I have for now. My mom came over the other day and brought me yards and yard of fabric that is almost vintage! The date stamp on some of it was from the early 90's. I am excited to get started on some new things soon. She told me that I will need a new machine soon.... I asked if she thought I'd wear this one out and she said.. no, you will want to do more and more and that little machine will not be capable of doing what you want or need. (She knows me She complimented my skills... which was very sweet of her... I guess I can be to critical of myself... :/ So, speaking of critical... UGH... I am making yet another ruffle diaper cover. This time in brown... for my photographer friend anyway, I had some brown rayon that another friend gave me as scrap material. I decided I'll use that... rayon is now a nice fabric for a beginner to work with. It has turned into an ordeal. I have almost thrown it out and started over with some of the brown cotton fabric that I have saved for a different project. but, I am no quitter! I did have a very small amount of a thicker brown material and decided that I would make the ruffles in that... droopy ruffles are not cute. So, things headed in a different direction than I thought they would and well...... I have done yet another style for the ruffle... LOL.... I pretty much accepted that this cover was just going to be "OK" at best. Well, I'm not finished with it and it could still head South, but I think maybe just possibly.... this may be my favorite so far. God keeps me Humble while letting me learn grow along the way.

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