Thursday, September 9, 2010

Glad thats over with!

This cover was NOT a joy to construct... bobbin issues, rayon issues.... (I got a bunch of fabric from a dear friend and the brown rayon was one of them...I'm not a fan) For awhile I was just hoping that this would turn out "OK." I had pretty much decided that I would probably end up remaking it anyway. I think that THIS is my all time favorite one to look at. LOL I even put some Tulle in between the ruffles. I will make more like this but it will be in simple ole' cotton! :D


Lisa said...

Love those chocolate brown ruffles!

Carla said...

OOOO Ruffles!
You have far more patience than I, its all I can do to make curtians around here. The fluffer butts are too cute!