Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Sometimes I really hate the perfectionist in me... :/

I washed a pair of Lily's "flufferbutts" and the ends frayed... grrrrr.... so I have tried several... YES, several other ways of doing the ruffles. LOL I am just too picky! :) So, I think that I may have decided on one.... now the real test will be to see how they are going to wash. But, I wont be washing these b/c I am giving them to my friend who is the photographer and takes Lily's pictures.... I am going to do a brown pair and have done a couple of boys covers (with out ruffles...lol) all for photo shoots.... It has given me the opportunity to practice. :D


Kristen said...

Cayman's cover came and it's beautiful! I haven't washed it yet to see if the same happens but I thought I would wash it in a garment bag and see if that helps reduce it. It's an absolute perfect fit for her! Thank you so much!

Zoe said...

Yeah... I'm so glad that you like and it fits! :D I did pre-wash the fabric before sewing so it shouldn't shrink. Let me know how it does in the garment bag... (that is a great idea!)