Sunday, August 22, 2010

What's next!? :)

Whew..... that was a week long binge! hehe... I purchased the shirt last Sunday at the thrift store and just finished the dress! Of course I had to prepare the pattern and research a few things like french seams... and only having a couple hours to work on it in the evenings delayed progress but..... It's done! Onto the next project... I'm thinking a Lily skirt! :)


Jennifer said...

So cute! I love the projects that turn men's dress shirts into so many different things. When Kirk is ready to toss a shirt, I snatch it up! :cD Can't wait to see a picture of Lillian in her new dress!

Zoe said...

Thanks! I REALLY enjoyed making it for her. :) I only wish that I hadn't cleaned out and donated all kinds of clothes a few months ago! LOL