Monday, August 23, 2010

Trying it on for "size."

You should have seen me trying to chase after her with the camera this am.... Whew.... what a work out. :) I made this in a size 2T, but she is still wearing 18 months. So, it is a little big..... That only means... She will be able to wear it for a LONG time! :)
Please excuse the vacuum and the cords in the back ground... I was multi-tasking. hehe


Lisa said...

That is adorable; I'm lovin' those big white buttons!

Kristen said...

Thanks for pointing out the vacuum cord...I didn't even notice but had to go back and take a look (hehehe). :) Your house is always so clean.

And that little sweet cakes of yours is adorable!!

Zoe said...

Thanks Lisa!!!

Kristen..LOL I wish! Its harder and harder to keep up with now a days.... Lily is so active and most days I try and do one big "Gather" at the end of the day. LOL

Mrs. Van Amberg said...

Cute cute cute!!!