Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guess who is still sewing!?

Well.... Lily has been trying to help here and there. :) Speaking of Lily... she has been in a "mood" here lately and today she was running a low grade temp. I am thinking maybe teeth again but I am watching her to make sure that it isn't her ears. She has been pretty grumpy. Also testing us in a MAJOR way. Last night she woke up about 10pm and wanted NOTHING to do with me! She screamed and cried and broke out of my arms. (Sounds dramatic but it kinda was) She raced down the hall in the dark, through our bathroom and right into our bedroom.... sobbing for her "dada." She did allow me to lift her up onto the bed to get to him... she snuggled up next to him for about 30 seconds and then proceeded to chatter it up. ??? We attempted to return her to her room and try to get her settled, but she only cried and cried. I'm unsure if she had a bad dream or what. She "insisted" on a drink and a snack... then "dada" had to read her at least three (3) more books.... this went on for about an hour and he finally was able to get her settled and back to bed. It was pretty strange. Today, she refused to take her mornning nap and acted the same way but "dada" was at work so she was "stuck" with me. She took her afternoon nap but when it came time to get her ready for bed... she started to melt down.... begining with her bath. Oh... I pray that this isn't going to be the new normal. :( I have really enjoyed her typical laid back style and not fighting us when it is bedtime. I suppose only time will tell........

Here are a couple of "new" dresses that I have made her.

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