Saturday, August 21, 2010

On a sewing Binge!

So.... I am discovering that I LOVE sewing WAY more than I thought I would. I think that it could very well take over ANY other "hobby" that I have ever tried! It may even rank higher than my love for web/graphic design. Then again, I may be speaking to soon and this is only the honeymoon phase. LOL! I suppose only time will tell. I find myself looking at the stitching of items, turning them inside out and saying.... hmmmm.. "I could do that!"

I decided that I would go all out on my latest project. I am currently working on "converting" or also known as "Upcycling" a men's dress shirt into a dress for Lillian. I almost talked myself out of it b/c it looked pretty complicated. Shirring??? What's that!? Ohhh.... the stuff that looks like smocking. I Love that stuff btw. I ADORE the traditional smocked dresses for little girls. 

I wish I would have known that I was going to do this before I cleaned out ALL of our closets and donated a TON' of stuff to our local thrift store. (CHKD) But.. then again, CHKD is our local children's hospital (where Lillian's neurosurgeon and etc. is) and all the money goes directly to the hospital...Anyway.... I went to that very thrift store and picked up a couple of men's dress shirts. The one that I am currently working on is a Tommy Hilfiger and its pink plaid..... PErfecto for a toddler dress! So... here is a sneak peek of the not yet finished pinned together... cell phone pic.. I am excited about getting this one finished... it has boosted my confidence to continue to "create" all kinds of things! hmmmmm.... Matching Christmas PJ's perhaps! :)

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