Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Early Intervention Eval x2

This morning early intervention came out for a follow up visit. I have asked that they continue to keep tabs on Lily to ensure that we are not overlooking anything. Her visit went well. We are going to keep a watch on her communication skills. She is not yet saying MaMa, DaDa, GaGa or any of those type of combinations. She is tongue clucking and rolling her tongue around a lot so it could be just around the corner. Her case worker classed her as a "Motor baby." All this means is that she uses her Gross and Fine motor skills to get her needs met. She is so focused on what she wants and is so busy that she is trying to get it or there. She said that this is wonderful but we do not want her to over compensate in one area and lack in another. So, we are going to watch her for the next month or so and see what happens. She is almost due for her 6 month re-eval and we may bump it up sooner and have OT or speech come out and work on this with her. She is also staying on her tippie-toes when put her in the standing position. She is going to call the PT and find out some exercises that we can do with her to encourage her to stand flat footed. So... other than those minor issues.. she is doing great!

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Lisa said...

I am always amazed at Lillian! She is doing so well! What a blessing :)