Monday, July 27, 2009

Our God is a Wonderful and Glorious God! :D

We just returned from a Great visit with Lil's Neurosurgeon. The CT scan this morning stated that the cyst is still non-existent and her ventricles could be smaller. Her Dr. said that the likelihood of her needing a shunt is slim to none! WOOT! Go Lily! :D We do not have to return until November and he will NOT be doing a CT or Ultrasound! This is the longest we have gone and the first time that he has not ordered a "study!" He said that since her last CT in March she has made millions of gallons of CSF and it is flowing on it's own. He went on to say that if she started to have an issue it would occur gradually over the course of about a week and we'd look for her to be irritable. He is going to have a disc made of all of her current scans and etc. to take with us if and when we go out of town. (Just in case) It should be ready on our next visit. I asked him again if we should be watching to any type of seizure activity and etc. and he said "no." Most likely she would have already developed an issue. Her head circum was unchanged and was @ 44cm. Our family is SOOOOO Grateful that everything has worked out the way it has. This event has changed our lives for the better. It's odd how a tragedy can change everything for the better.

Onto other news... I have been working with Lily on picking up small finger foods. (like puffs) we have been doing this for a couple of days. Yesterday, I decided to video her efforts... would you know she picked them up and put them in her mouth! Show OFF! LOL I'm posting the video today.

She has also been helping out around the house with chores being that her older sister has been out of town.

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Sarah said...

She is beautiful!

Great report!!