Thursday, April 23, 2009

Pediatrician Update

The pediatrician went well. She was 24.5 inches long (50th percentile) 12 lbs and 6oz's (25th percentile) and her head circum was 41.5 (same as when her Neurosurgeon did it a couple of weeks ago) They are pleased with her growth and she is right on with her growth chart. I spoke to them about solids. She was pleased on how I started her on rice cereal. She said that I am free to increase when I feel that she is ready. Move to oatmeal and veggies when I'm ready as well. I don't know why but it all seems to be happening so fast! I can't believe that she is 4 months old and we have the "ok" for food!

She did well with her vaccines.. she only cried for a couple of minutes but grumbled and complained a bit longer. They remarked on what a happy baby she is.... I just hope that she doesn't feel bad after she wakes from her nap.

Well... that is it for now. Until next time..................................

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