Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Back to the Dr. today....

Last night I was nursing Lily, she had just finished with her bath and I was rubbing her back and side. I noticed a "nodule." At first I thought that it was a lump in her sleeper. I peeled her out of the top part of her sleeper and for sure there was a nodule in a bluish color. (looked like a enlarged vein) So, I finished nursing her and took her in for a diaper change and proceeded to inspect her entire body. I felt another little nodule a little above and to the right of her button. First thing this morning we called the Dr and got her an appointment. They think that the one on her back/side is a Deep hemangioma. Right now it is the size of a dime. The Dr. said to expect it to get larger and then it should go away on it's own. We are going to watch it. The other could be a umbilical hernia. I have never noticed it before. So, we are going to watch that as well. Neither appear to give her any pain. She was 13lbs today. :D

She visits her Neurosurgeon next Monday. We have increased her to eating cereal 3 times a day now. This morning I gave her some (single grain baby) oatmeal. I'm not sure how she likes it. I do know that she was eyeing Ken and I eating our ice cream last night! LOL.... i told her next year this time and she can have a bite. :D

Hope everyone is having a blessed week!


Sherri said...

What a cute, cute photo. Hope that it turns out to be something minor! Miles just had surgery for a hernia and it was a piece of cake.

Anonymous said...

What a cutie!

Sorry to hear of more worries, hope it is something that can be easily managed.