Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter!!!

Here is a photo of my beautiful daughters with the Easter Bunny! :)

I think that I spoke way tooo soon about Lily's latest "milestone." She has not slept through the night again. LOL I think that it was a one time deal. She has actually regressed back since then....waking for middle of the night feeds *sigh*...... She is also trying to put her entire fist inside her mouth, drooling up a storm, and NOT napping very well. She has also become the Queen of the 45 minute nap. I am NOT complaining... I am SO GRATEFUL for her but, I have not been able to get very much accomplished. It has to be her teeth. She will be 4 months old on the 22nd. During her 4 month check up I am going to ask about suggestions to help her sleep through the night and etc.

Well... that nap lasted 15 minutes................


Carla said...

What a pretty pic of your girls! I hear you on the not sleeping through the nite. Every few nights he's up every hour. I'm tired right along with you:)

Sarah said...

Gorgeous pic of gorgeous girls, hope you all had a lovely Easter.