Sunday, February 22, 2009

Please Pray for Baby Jackson!

One of my best friends forwarded this email to me this morning... Please Pray for Baby Jackson.

This is a Jackson Bensten update. Jackson is Everett & Jessica Benstens' first child and both the maternal and paternal grandparents first grandchild. Lee-Ann and I are honored to be called "Aunt and Uncle". The following is sent by Mark and Cathy Geary:



Thanks to all of you who are praying for Jackson Bensten and his parents,
Everett & Jessica. Feel free to pass this along to any person or group you
know would pray.

As a reminder, Cathy is the great aunt of 14-month old Jackson. Her sister
is the maternal grandmother, and Jackson is the only grandchild so far for
either set of grandparents.

He has been diagnosed with Stage 3 neuroblastoma. A softball-sized tumor is
in his abdomen and a smaller one is there as well.

He is home for the weekend and goes back Tuesday to CHKD in Norfolk for the
genetic marker test, which can determine how aggressive a form his NB is.
It varies, and we are praying for the least aggressive form.

His preliminary bone scan this week was CLEAR! This was the first GOOD NEWS
and we are asking God to keep giving us more and more good news.

He will have another bone scan Wednesday and chemo is set to start Thursday.
He has a porta-cath to accept the chemo drugs.

He will be re-admitted Tuesday or Wednesday and the treatment plan will be

We who are family continue to pray for healing.

Pray as God leads you to pray.

Thanks again for caring.

Mark & Cathy

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