Saturday, February 14, 2009


Things are still going well. Lily is a little stuffy this morning. I hope that she isn't coming down with her first cold. :( Yesterday she was very clingy and literally wanted to be held ALL DAY! She wanted to nurse allot as well. I also think that she is/was going through a growth spurt. This morning she looks bigger to me! So being she wanted to be loved on all day yesterday, I took some time researching a few things on the net. I'm getting really good at one handed typing! LOL! I found a site about breastfeeding and etc. I found it very helpful. I also decided to create my own blog to ramble on about things that I am interested in or to share ideas and etc. I am still interested in cloth diapers and did a bit more research on that. We have not yet had to buy diapers. Between her being in the hospital, shower gifts, and birth gifts we have been using those. I figure I may have about a two week supply remaining...

Well, my new blog will be listed here once I get it "designed" and etc. :)

Here are a few cute cell snaps from this morning:


SaraHaupt said...

Did her mouth keep moving after her paci fell out? I think that is the cutest thing...get a video. Happy Valentines Day! Love Ya!

Anonymous said...

Just Beautiful!