Monday, February 16, 2009

2 months old today.......check-up

Wow! 2 months already! I took her for her 2 month check up, shots and to check on the umbilical granuloma. Her "button" looks good. The extra tissue is still drying up and starting the flake off. She said to wait 2 additional days after it falls off to put her in the tub. Her head circumference was 40cm (75th percentile) her weight was 9 lbs and 8 oz. (25th percentile) She only gained 4oz since her last visit 10 days ago. She was not really worried about this. She said that if I want I can bring her by and get her weighed next month. If at her 4 month check up she isn't gaining then we will come up with a game plan. Her length was 22.5 (45th percentile) Overall they were "pleased" with her. She asked if she is making "agoo" noises yet. It's hard to tell.. she squeaks and does make some noises. She asked if she is smiling... YES but, I think that she is going to be "serious" like her daddy. She got her shots.. poor baby. She is currently sleeping. She has eaten a tiny bit and wants to be held.

She has an appointment with her neurosurgeon Thursday too. Oh... here is a link to watch a video of an endoscopic fenestration. Lily's cyst was located in the middle fossa. This shows left middle fossa. Pretty neat.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link to the Endoscopic fenestration video,very interesting to see.

Hope the Neurosurgeon appt goes well Thursday, keep us posted.

SaraHaupt said...

That video is amazing!!!!

Lahoma Dixon said...

Sounds good Zoe...:) She is darling.