Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Just a hello!

Everything is going well. Lily's fontanel is still soft and sunken! I have noticed that she is spitting up a little more here lately. I don't think that it is reflux but I will mention it to her Pediatrician when we see her next week for her 8 week (2 month) check up and to check on her belly button too.

It was 75 degree's here today so I took advantage and put her in a cute little Capri outfit. Thanks Sara and Lindsey! :D


Sarah said...

Hi, I just love the new cute!

I have added your blog to my blogroll, hope you dont't mind!

SaraHaupt said...

Sooo sweet! I'm lovin' the new layout too!

Rachael said...

She is so precious!

unkpoet said...

She is so darn C-U-T-E! I gotta meet this girl!!!! BTW the new layout is great I love it! We gotta get together my friend!
love love love you!!!!!!!!!