Monday, January 12, 2009

We had a follow up with Dr. Dilustro this morning; he said that her fontanel was a little fuller than he'd like and her head measurements have increased as well. He sent us downstairs to get another CT. The CT revealed that her ventricles "could" be slightly larger again. He examined her again when we went back to his office. He had one of his partners feel her head and Dr. Tor (neurologist) was there for a consult for a different patient. This time around he said that it was MUCH softer and if he would have felt that the first time he would not have gotten the CT. Sigh...... He wanted to see us back on Thursday but, we are going to be at the hospital on Wed. so he is going to just see us then. We discussed the fact that he may need to go back in and take a peek at the hole that he put in the cyst before and maybe put another hole in. Only time will tell...

We had a somewhat tough night last night. I am ready to go to bed now. LOL

Please continue to pray for our Lily. God Bless you all!

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