Sunday, January 25, 2009

We are HOME!

Sorry, for the delay in posting.. but, we are home. Lily was discharged this morning and we have been home since about 10:30 am. I have been running around here trying to get caught up on the things that we have not had time to do b/c we have been at the hospital. I decided to stay the nights with Lily this time around. She had been home and we bonded so, I only felt comfortable staying with her. I'm exhausted. LOL Anyway, here's an update from the Dr. this morning; Her head circumference was about 41.7 this morning, yesterday it measured at 42. I'm not sure if it's down or if it's different b/c of the person who measured. Her fontanel is nice and soft. (Praying that it stays that way.) They did go back in through her original incision. The Dr. removed the dressing and we have to watch for drainage and etc. I am really surprised that we were able to come home so quickly this time around. We have to go in and see Dr. Dilustro on Thursday. I will call tomorrow and get the appointment. There isn't really a whole lot to report right now, we get to sit back watch and wait again. I am praying that this does the trick... if not she will be shunted.

I want to thank everyone that has been praying and the donations that have been given. Our family is overwhelmed by everyone!

Off to Target to get Ms. Lily a wipe warmer...
God Bless!

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Kristen said...

A sweet little girl deserves her bottom to be pampered by a wipe warmer. :o)

Praying that this does the trick and she does not need a shunt.