Friday, January 23, 2009

Update by Sara:

I talked with Zoe briefly before she was called back to see Lily and Ken is on his way to the hospital now.

Her head circumference before the surgery this morning was 42.5, she told me that when Dr. Dilustro went in and looked at the cyst, the hole that he had made in it from the previous operation had closed. He went in and made a larger hole into the cyst and inserted an internal drain instead of an external like before. He is optimistic that this may work but if it doesn't then they will discuss the shunt, and possibly only 1 instead of 2.

Bless her heart, she probably was starting to get headache's from the pressure last night which is why she was so grumpy. They are so glad that the operation was planned for today....

Also, since they would never ever "ask" for help I wanted to set up a fund for them to help with all of the bills they are going to endure. She's probably gonna kill me for this but I'm doing it anyway. I told Zoe that when ever anyone offers to help that she needs to learn to say YES! Sooo, that being said, I have set up a ChipIn account for them. If you were wondering if you can help or offer support in any way then this is perfect!!!

Thanks & God Bless,
Sara Haupt

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