Monday, February 28, 2011

Preschool Evaluation, UTI, and a cold

Lillian has had a cold and a urinary tract infection. :( She was SO miserable! In the mist of it all, I realized just how easy I usually have it! She only objects to naps and bedtime when she is not feeling well. We did a lot... did I say A LOT of rocking last week! I took her to the Doctor the Thursday before, she was running a temperature and refused to eat. She has had a labial adhesion on and off since she was about a month or two old. :( While the doctor was looking her over I suggested a uti... Unbelievably, I was able to get her to pee in the cup! YAY Lillian... however this past week the potty training has come a screeching halt! She is so not interested, and will not go on the potty. :(  Anyway, initially the urine culture came back clear so when we left the office they had no real explanation except maybe a virus. The doctor said that the doctor on call would contact me on Saturday if anything "grew." Well, I received a phone call on Saturday with a positive test result. :( They phoned in antibiotics. It took another 3 days before she was feeling better. Now we are just working through a cold.

In our area Early Intervention begins to transition to the Preschool program in the public school system. To qualify, she would need to be 40% delayed in two areas or 50% in one area. When speaking to her EI caseworker I knew that Lillian would not qualify but I was assured that the school system looks at different areas and that we should attend the evaluation. We went this morning. She did very well and she does not qualify for the Preschool services they do want to do a speech evaluation on her in April. They are not concerned about the quantity of her words but the quality of her words. She is using 2 to 3 word phrases but they had difficulty understanding her out of context. We will see what they think in April. She also has her yearly evaluation with her EI caseworker in about 3 weeks. When we were talking about todays assessment she said that she is going to bring a speech therapist with her when she comes. (They same one that came out last year and got her walking on her own) I am eager to hear what she has to say or any recommendations that she may have for us.



Lacy said...

Carly has had her 2 evaluations and we have her final meeting is on friday. Hopefully she will get into the preschool here. And hopefully you guys get some good news with the speech thing. Maybe they can help pull some strings. I've been wanting to potty train Carly but she is just not that interested. We have issues with recurrent UTI's and I've heard that can make potty training difficult. Have you ever gotten "looks" when it comes to the adhesion's? I didn't know Carly had those and when I found out I got some "looks".

Zoe said...

I will pray that she gets in! Honestly, Lillian seemed more interested when she had the UTI. I decided to take this week off, she has another cold anyway! :( This was the first UTI... and we usually see one particular NP for her well baby checks.. so in the past the adhesions haven't been a big deal... we were referred to a urologist. She said that we may have to deal with the adhesions until puberty! (I sure hope not) We have a prescription of Premarin cream here now and I use Vaseline when we are not using the premarin. But, this last time we did see a different Doctor and I did feel like she looked at me oddly. She wanted us to follow up with the NP that we usually see when we have to get her re-checked this week. :/ The adhesion is gone now... but I hate having to check all the time. Lil is getting to an age where she barely even wants to stay still long enough to wipe.

Lacy said...

They get scared. They remember too well and don't want to have pain again. So sad for them. :(