Sunday, October 10, 2010


We are home.... we decided to come home on Friday... one day early... not b/c we were not having a wonderful time but b/c reality was knocking on the door. When we left, it was raining and it had rained for almost a full week before vacation... when you plant seed in the "fall" the grass must be cut. LOL Among other things. We had an amazing time while away... we were able to witness my MIL and FIL renew their wedding vows for their 50th Wedding Anniversary! The ceremony was preformed in a little white Church that was built in the 40's. It was wonderful to be able to share in their very special day! :)

This was also a fantastic opportunity for our family. We were put to the test and so was Lillian. Ken and I had a lot of anxiety about being away from our comfort zone, and our home, and Lily's crib. I know it sounds a little absurd. Lily did wonderfully. The first night was a bit stressful but she adjusted and slept perfectly in her pack and play. She LOVED every minute of the beach going in the ocean and collecting sea shells. She grew enormously over the week. Actually, I have seen HUGE changes in her this month! Her speech is growing by leaps and bounds. She picks up new words daily. She is climbing onto and over everything.

My best friends has been kidding with me for the last couple of months b/c I was still nursing Lily. Usually before bed.... I had talked to her pediatrician about it at her 18 month check up and she said that usually around 16-18 months "babies" tend to loose interest and sort of wean themselves. When Lily began walking at 15.5 months she began nursing more! So, I thought I had missed that little window... until this week. She is not interested at all.. and has not nursed in a full week. So, I am saying that she is finally weaned. She is now 21.5 months.... Maybe since she didn't walk until 15.5 months it pushed that little window back???  Just a thought.

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She is beautiful!