Thursday, February 18, 2010

New milestone....

Lily is still practicing "walking." I have been noticing that her balance isn't real good...and her legs seem a bit stiff. :/ I am going to continue to watch her.. Early Intervention should be coming out again soon to evaluate and if she sees her Dr. before then I'm going to mention it. It could be nothing... Like I said before, I do not want to miss anything! She will be 14 months old on Monday! Wow... she is a "big girl."

Onto her newest milestones and the funny things she is doing... She is real good at taking objects out of containers and today for the very first time, she put her "cookie" in the milk jug! Yeah!!! She did it over and over... it was very sweet. When she wakes in the morning or from a nap she will have her binkie in her mouth. I pick her up and ask her, "Do you need that binkie?" She then pulls the binkie out of her mouth and throws it in the crib! This morning I could have sworn she said "big girl" after she did this.

So.... now onto the funny and kind of bizarre. LOL

She has done this several times now. She will lift my shirt and start to poke my belly button.. then she puts the same finger into her mouth.. she will do it over and over again... (I'm grateful that I keep it so yesterday, she shared my belly button with me... she kept putting her finger in my belly button then put her finger in my mouth. ???? I wonder what she thinks a belly button is???? LOL She had me laughing so hard! She is such a joy!

Here is a photo of sisterly love..

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