Monday, December 14, 2009

Teething Tantrums

Poor Lil-Lil. She is so frustrated with teething pain. She has also started to throw temper tantrums.... right now they are kind of "cute." I feel it is a blessing that she is capable of having temper tantrums. That she is able to express that she is upset when we have taken something away from her... this is actually one of my many answered prayers!


Kristen said...

I smile at your words. I understand them and feel the same way! The first time Cayman cried when we took a forbidden object away from her, we laughed. It was the cutest thing.

Lisa said...

Enjoy them while their still cute! (the tantrums that is) :)

Also, I understand why you would be grateful that she has the ability to express her ideas and feelings. Elisabeth doesn't have the mental capacity at this point to even know when we take something away, much less be upset by it. Hopefully someday she too will be able to throw a tantrum!

Tara said...

I loved it when Michelle first learned to throw temper tantrums... Now not so much...

Im very happy to hear that she has learned :) Poor baby on the teeth :(

Zoe said...


I do pray that Elisabeth gets to throw many tantrums in the future.

Yes, I suspect that it will be cute for just a little while. LOL She was in full action today. She must be experiencing a great deal of teething pain. I tried my best to keep her comfortable all day.