Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy!

One year ago today, I met with Lily's Neurosurgeon. I went alone, Ken had to work. This was a "meet and greet" appointment. Of course, Lily was still in utero. :) Well, it is also Kens birthday. How different his birthday was this year verses last!

Happy Birthday to my wonderful awesome husband! I am so glad that God sent us Lily and that you are her father... You ARE an amazing father. We LOVE you!

Here are a couple of photos.. I created the cake, This was my very first attempt to bake a yellow cake from scratch, with buttercream frosting. I am not a pro decorator that is for sure.. but practice makes perfect.. OK or better. I'm sure that I will get a ton of practice in the future years. I enjoyed baking! :D Lily was quite excited too. Her grammie and do-pa (Kens parents) came by to help us celebrate.


Lisa said...

Great job with the cake! It looks fabulous :)

Zoe said...

Oh... Thank you Lisa.. you are too kind! I never realized how difficult decorating a cake is! It's another way I get to practice patience! :)