Thursday, November 19, 2009

One year ago today........

One year ago today, Ken, Tori and I went to see the OB for a late routine ultrasound. (Original Post can be found here: ) I was almost 33 weeks pregnant. We had already had our genetic counseling due to my "advanced maternal age." Lily's 19 week ultrasound revealed NO abmoralities and we waved the amnio because we were confident that no matter what we'd proceed with our pregnancy. You can imagine our utter shock when our Dr. uttered the words hydrocephalus. To be perfectly honest, I had never heard of it. I will never forget him saying that her prognosis did not look good. He stated that we still "had options" even this late in our pregnancy. He even explained that we would have to travel to another State because of legality reasons. I remember leaving his office emotionless and numb. I felt like this was not reality, that any minute I would awake from this nightmare. Over the next few days we went to numerous appointments, blood work, amnio, and extensive ultrasounds. I have NEVER been so scared in all my life. I have NEVER prayed so hard. I have read several fellow bloggers that learned of their babies diagnosis early in their pregnancy, 20 weeks or so. I think God knew that I would not be strong enough to be able to endure that.

Ken and I are so grateful to be on the other side of "that" day. I have reflected a lot this week and have read what I wrote one year ago. I have to say that my Faith was astounding! I knew that everything would be "ok." Now, I had no idea what "ok" would be. Lily is such a huge blessing and such a miracle. I KNOW that she has touched MANY! (Including our original OB who has met her and said how hard that day was for him as well, how it pained him to give "options" even if he did not agree with that route) Ken and I are so grateful to God that he has allowed us to be her parents. We are SOOOOO Thankful!


Michelle said...

I've just popped in and caught up on Lillian's incredible progress. How amazing she is! I am just so happy for your family that she is doing so well!

Lisa said...

I know that for all of us who have had 'that day'....the one wear the diagnoses will forever be engraved in our memories.

I am glad that you are now able to look back and see how strong you have become through this. Lily is a miracle, that's for sure. I am always in awe of her.