Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Little Lil-Lil is 9 months today!

Really!!? Where has the time gone? She is such a HUGE joy to our family. She has been chatting it up a lot lately. "BA" is one of her new noises... she likes to sing it loudly too. She now has both of her bottom teeth... and has started to be a little restless again, so I am beginning to wonder if the top two are on their way?? She is perfecting her "crawl." She has started to get a little knee and leg action in there... and is really picking up speed. Our kitty, Chloe was really surprised by this last night. hehehe...... She will learn. I swear that Lily sometimes is making a noise that sounds like "kitty." When she is on the move she is very "breathy" and the noises that she makes is absolutely adorable!

So, I have been pretty busy trying to finish up one website and beginning another one in the midst of our oldest daughter's "teen drama." I don't typically say much about our oldest here b/c this is Lily's Blog but I will say that raising a teen can be a daunting and challenging task at best! Each day I pray that God gives us the strength and wisdom to continue to guide her the best that we are able.

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Alice Kubac said...

She is doing so amazing! She is so cute and wiggly, I can't believe how fast she is crawling! She needs to come over and give James some crawling lessons, lol!