Tuesday, September 29, 2009

9 month check up

Well... Ms. Lillian is 17 lbs. (25th percentile) 28 inches long (75th percentile) and her head circum was 45.5cm (90th percentile... they said "perfect") :D :D.... They asked what she is up to now.... and said that she seems to be right on track.

They tested her iron levels and she has mild anemia. So, they want to do a full blood draw again with in the next week or so. She said that she came back 10.5 and they like to see 11. She said that we may need to switch her vitamins to one with iron. She said that her movements appear less rigid, smoother and looser. Yeah! :)

The Labial Fusion, is MUCH better. All in all she had a very good visit. We return for her 12 month check up. She will see her Neurosurgeon in between. (November 2nd)

So.... I have a question for you all... Do any of you notice a sudden change in your babies? I can't really explain it... the best way is like they have progressed in their development and they see the World around them in a different way? It's like a "spurt." I notice when Lily experiences this she tends to overstimulate easier until she gets used to the changes. I tried to explain it to her Dr... Maybe I just pay to close attention to everything. LOL I am very curious if any one else see's this or am I just a "freak." LOL

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Stephanie said...

Glad Lilly is doing so well.
I dont think you are a freak at all. In fact yesterday at lunch i was telling my mother the same exact thing. Then i read your post. lol. So unless we are both freaks, haha, I think you have made a perfectly reasonable observation.