Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Lowered Crib Mattress

Well, Ken lowered Lillian's mattress this morning. She will be 8 months on Saturday. Unbelievable! I can hardly believe that I resigned from my job almost 8 months ago! It is true.. time goes by faster and faster the older that we get.

Lily practiced pulling up to the standing position A LOT today! She has been trying to push her bottom into the air but if I sit her down in front of me she will automatically try and pull herself up onto me. She is developing the sweetest personality! I look forward to spending each moment with her. :D


Anonymous said...

Well Done Lily!

Sherri said...

Can't believe she is 8 months already! And pulling up to stand???That is FABULOUS!!!!

Lisa said...

Wonderful! She seems like she is right on track developmentally. :)